What Are Immediate Dentures?

When trying to decide between immediate dentures vs permanent dentures, we are certain you will have many questions. This article is intended to answer some of those questions.

Immediate Dentures Vista, CA – What Are They & How They Can Help You?

When you and your dental professional in Downtown Vista have come to the decision that dentures are your best option, there are several steps that must be taken before the denture process is complete. One of these steps includes the use of same day dentures.

Immediate Dentures Vista CA

What Are Immediate Dentures?

If you are preparing to receive full dentures or partial dentures, your dental professional may recommend using immediate dentures during the healing process. These temp dentures have many benefits, including helping your mouth heal.

After your teeth have been extracted there will be swelling and a potential for bleeding from the stitched area. Your bone structure will also experience a change in shape from having the teeth extracted. This is exactly what is supposed to happen. 

The temp dentures that your dental professional gives you after your extraction will be custom fitted to your mouth to allow you to eat with more ease. In two to three days your dentist will have you come back so that they can adjust the dentures to accommodate for the reduction in swelling. You may be required to go for adjustments a few times before receiving your final dentures.

Temporary dentures also help your jaw bones to remain properly shaped during the healing process. One of the functions of teeth is to keep your jaw bones straight to enable you to speak and chew correctly. When teeth are extracted, the jaw bone can change in shape. The temp dentures wrap around these bone areas and keep them stabilized during the healing process.

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Immediate vs. Permanent Dentures

Many people wonder what exactly the differences between immediate and permanent dentures are. After all, they are both made with the same types of materials, are created using a mold of your mouth, and serve the same purpose. The main difference between the two types of replacement teeth are how they fit.

Temp dentures and interim partial dentures are made based off of the size and shape of your mouth right after extraction. The swelling of your gums and the shape of your mouth will be very different at this time compared to when you are completely healed and ready for your permanent teeth. These temp teeth are designed to be adjusted with your mouth during the healing process.

Another factor that may make these teeth different from your permanent set of replacement teeth is the color. Your permanent dentures will be designed to blend with your natural teeth color if they are partial replacements, or have a natural coloring if they are a complete replacement. Your temp partials or temp dentures may not have the right coloring for your teeth at this time. 

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Important Facts About Your Immediate Temporary Dentures

After your teeth have been extracted your immediate dentures dentist will put your dentures in place. While this may seem quick, it is the best choice for the healing process. Once in place, your dentist will review the following information with you as it applies to your specific case:

Keep Dentures In For A Full 48 Hours. When you are first given your temporary replacement teeth, it will be best if you leave them in continually for a minimum of 48 hours. This is the time when your gums will swell the most and the dentures will help keep this under control. You may have some discomfort during this initial period. Your dentist will give you the right recommendations about managing pain specific to your needs.

Eat A Liquid Diet For 48 Hours. Be easy on your mouth during the first two days by only consuming liquids or very soft food. Baby foods, mashed potatoes and regular jello are the best choices. This will give your mouth a little extra time to heal before you begin learning how to chew with your new teeth. It usually takes about 10 days to resume your prior eating habits.

Chewing Will Help Control Bleeding. There may be some bleeding associated with the extractions. In some cases, swelling will pop stitches and cause monort bleeding to occur. If this happens, the act of biting down with your dentures in place should stop the bleeding. If bleeding is too severe, or if it will not stop, contact your dentist immediately.

Rinse Your Mouth For Optimal Healing. During the first day after extraction you will want to rinse your mouth with cold water. This will help clean your moputh while reducing any discomfort you are experiencing. After that, rinsing with warm water several times a day until healed will keep the gums sanitized and allow them to heal faster.

Your Teeth May Need Adjusting. As your mouth heals the teeth may begin to feel loose or not bite correctly. This is natural and will only require a quick trip to the dentist for an adjustment. You may need a few adjustments prior to receiving your permanent teeth.

Follow Up Appointments. Tooth extractions, especially several at once, should be considered a serious surgery. It is very important that you make your follow up appointments with your Vista Ca dentures provider to make sure that you are healing properly.

One Last Bit Of Information


Whether you are seeking dentures or dental implants Vista CA residents should always take the time to speak with their dental care provider about all of the options that they have for good oral hygiene and health. Dental care is not one-size-fits-all. Your dental care is as individual as you are and should be approached in that manner.

Learn everything you can from your dental practitioner to discover what choices you have and what you should expect so that you are always happy with the end result of your dental care..

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